Fish House Opera

 "Fish House Opera eloquently captures the authentic flavor of a self-reliant way of life invisible to the average beach-going tourist - a way of life that struggles daily against pollution, shorefront development, and government bureaucrats.  In these pages you'll meet men and women whose lives are built on hard work, faith, an old-fashioned sense of community, tradition, luck, and a wry sense of humor that comes from practicing the world's most dangerous profession day after day for a lifetime.  This book is a work of great and lasting worth, a window into a truly American culture and a tribute to lasting values.  You'll enjoy every word, and these 'characters' will stick in your memory for a long time to come."  - Philip Gerard, author of Brilliant Passage and Cape Fear Rising.

Published by Mystic Seaport Press, Fish House Opera is available for purchase at  Buxton Village Books